Wednesday, September 5, 2007

While She was painting.

It has always been a cause for concern that some mornings She takes the dogs in the car and is away for a while. Whenever we go in the car it is to the vet. Does She take the dogs to the vet so often? Poor dogs!
This morning we thought we would do some detective work, so, while She was working (pushing coloured water around on a piece of paper) we had a look in the camera.
It would seem that they went for a walk without us!
To a place where there was a big beach with lots of sand. The sea draws patterns in the sand on the beach, new patterns each day.

To a valley that is filled with heather, high hills and low flying birds.

And then to the Gessail, which we know. We have walked to here, though it is a long way from home. Here the people who lived in the ruined houses many years ago kept their fishing boats. On the beach there are still metal rings deep in the rock where they tied them to keep them safe from storming sea.

When Mr Griffiths was a boy you could still walk down the steep path to the beach. He would play in the caves with his friends and they would dare each other to go deeper and deeper into the darkness. We know this. His cat told us. Now the path has fallen and most of his friends have died. Only a cat could climb down now.

There are pups on the beach here too. And also so much plastic, washed up to the high tide mark, thrown off boats and into the sea by humans. So much beauty. So much plastic. We wonder sometimes what they are thinking.
But now we know that the dogs do not go to the vet every time.
We wonder what sand feels like. We think we would like it.


Cindy Garber Iverson said...

You would most definitely love the sand but you would probably use it for depositing your own little treasures. ;) Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

Daisy said...

Good detective work! I am glad the dogs are not going to the vet in the car. That's the only place I go when I get into the car.

It is sad to see the plastic on the beach. The area looks so pristine and beautiful. The ocean is smart to spit out the bad things.

The Misadventures Of Me said...

Some beans dont's think befores they throws stuff - that's why I'ms with my mommy bean, I gots throws out too. But that plastic stuffs looks not goods at all!

Unknown said...

Those pictures are so beautiful. My Lady is gawking at them. We live in Ohio. Just streets and buildings with some parks scattered here and there. Nothing like that at all.

Paula Bowles said...

Naughty cats! Does She know you've been nosing around in Her camera?

Pushing coloured water around on paper sounds like a fantastic job!

Shammickite said...

I think if you walked on the sand on the beach, you might get your feet wet. You wouldn't like that.

Pearl said...


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. It is very sad to see plastic and other human detrious on the beach. It does not honor Mother Earth to despoil such beautiful places.

At least the dogs do not always have to go to the vet.

Leslie Hawes said...

When I first looked at the plastic flotsam I didn't see the scale of it. I thought the soccer ball was a little miniature childs toy. I couldn't figure what all those tiny little bottles were from...then I 'saw'. Mercy.
I would be found rappelling down the cliffside to retrieve...

Kitikata-san said...

Oh no... I don't like all that plastic. But, I like the seal pups. They look slick.