Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Christmas Present for a Cat's Slave.

She, the woman who paints, is now suggesting that I ask all the cats I know to review our book on Amazon. Not a bad I idea I reckon as we cats write better than them humans. So, if you want to win the picture above simply go to Amazon and put a review on I am Cat. We will chose a winner somehow in early December. I have told Her that this is not a good idea. We cats get tired easily and even now, I, Elmo, am in need of a nap, having been asleep on the bed in Her studio all night and having had breakfast and sat looking at THAT DOG ( there seems to be another one in the house!) So, if you can manage to raise a claw or a paw, give I am Cat a thumbs up, though what a cat would do with a painting I know not. Would be great to have a few reviews from cats. And if you win the picture you could maybe give it to the house slave for Christmas?

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Another competition: dragons

While we are talking about competitions, there is also one on facebook to win 10 ( 11 really as Can You See a Little Bear has been added) signed copies of Her books. When the winner is announced She will find out about who to dedicate them to. All you need to do is go to the Frances Lincoln Facebook page. If you 'like' it that would be good. And on this post say what your dragon is like. If you don't have one ask your cat. They will know. Good luck. If you would like to share it also, and this post and spread the word about that would be wonderful. Thank you.

A fragment

Sometimes when She is painting the picture goes a little awry. Sometimes She cuts out fragments of the pictures. Sometimes She sends these to people, elaborate, hand painted postcards. But this time She has decided to give this one away as part of a sort of competition that isn't a competition really. This morning when She looked on Amazon there were no online reviews for I am Cat, so, what we are asking is that if you have read the book, and if you feel like it, go to the Amazon page for the book and leave a review. We aren't suggesting that you buy the book from there. Far better to buy from your local independent bookshop, or buy signed copies from Solva Woollen Mill ( who will get their cats to organize world wide shipping), or go to your local library and borrow the book, and remember that if they don't have it in they can order it for you. Then go to the Amazon site and leave a review. On December 11th she will choose someone, with the help of kittens, and they will win the fragment that is above, with a light and a moth. 
Please leave a comment here also with your Amazon name so that She can contact you!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finding a place.

Steady rain. Beating the bounds of the night time village, three dogs and Elmo. Returning to the house, fur sparkles with diamonds of water. He looks for a place to sleep. There's Pixie's cushion, empty. 

Perhaps a rug?

He settles for a tiger's back.

A small bundle of fierce blue eyed silver

I wonder what Elmo will think?