Saturday, October 27, 2012

A Christmas Present for a Cat's Slave.

She, the woman who paints, is now suggesting that I ask all the cats I know to review our book on Amazon. Not a bad I idea I reckon as we cats write better than them humans. So, if you want to win the picture above simply go to Amazon and put a review on I am Cat. We will chose a winner somehow in early December. I have told Her that this is not a good idea. We cats get tired easily and even now, I, Elmo, am in need of a nap, having been asleep on the bed in Her studio all night and having had breakfast and sat looking at THAT DOG ( there seems to be another one in the house!) So, if you can manage to raise a claw or a paw, give I am Cat a thumbs up, though what a cat would do with a painting I know not. Would be great to have a few reviews from cats. And if you win the picture you could maybe give it to the house slave for Christmas?


liniecat said...

Reviewed and Fergus is now pawsed hope.......: )

RSA Online said...

That's a cute cat. Lovely cat.