Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not Impressed!

Max: Well, I don't see what is so special about gingercats that they get all the press! No wonder She gets jealous! There'll be no talking to them again when they see this and they'll be wanting gold plates for eating off.

Not the first time they have been in a magazine either, but last time it was before they had a blog.
Her: Well I think they look lovely and at least they did mention me, in passing. Besides, lovely Max, you are the cat that I usually paint. Don't be jealous.
Max: Yes, but did you have to put me in The Owl and the Pussycat picture in Classic Poems? That was a girl cat.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nights Out and The Author Blog Awards.

It is not like the Kiffer to miss a meal, so when he wasn't home for two She began to worry and set off to look for him. First stop, Glyn's, but no sign there, which was good as Glyn wasn't home as he is in the care home for a few days longer and She feared that Kiffer had curled up and made himself invisible and been locked in. Next stop, big green shed. Through the mud to the big shed door and She called. 
And She called again. 
No kiffer.
Worry. Call one more time.
And then, "where have you been? I have been shut in this shed now for twenty four hours and I can't get out and it was dark and I was scared and you didn't come, you didn't!"
"Wait there. I'm off to get the key."
"Let me out. Now. Let me out. Now. Let me out. Now."
And he was still calling as She walked back smiling. Many a rat will have met its end last night. Brave Kiffer.
She got the key. She let him out. He ate his weight in cat food then curled to sleep in the warm.
Now, we know that She is not very interesting, doesn't catch many mice and spends far too long every day playing with paint when She should be looking after us, has not shining coat of ginger and not enough hair, can't even cough up a decent hairball, but we are quite fond of Her and She is quite excited as Her blog is doing well in the author blog awards, so if you haven't already, and remembering that you can vote for us aswell because we are better than Her and there are more of us, please click through on this link and give Her a vote. She my only be human, but She is our human and these little things ( and the guts we left outside her bedroom door last night) do seem to make Her happy.  Her blog address is http://www.drawingalineintime.blogspot.comand She called it that because She is usually late and always misses deadlines and because She thinks She is funny. Odd things, humans.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Larking about.

Walking in the morning and the air was dotted on high with singing larks.


On the way home, up a tree, a bright ball of flame in the tangled twigs.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eaves dropping from a warm window seat.

We could hear what they were talking about from the window where we sat in the sunshine. The day started off filthy and wet and dark and we wanted sunshine for Glyn, who was spending another day in his house. As the morning slipped by the sun came out and we went around into the garden with him, where the daffodils dance with heavy heads, double flowers, butter rich. Then Glyn and Nadolig went back inside and we went around and clawed Her out of Her studio where She was doing nothing much and avoiding doing other things.
So when they talked about the photograph She took for him, of the house in the snow lit by early morning light, we heard. And when he said, look, there is one of your cats, we heard. His eyes are brighter, clearer and he can see more. This is good.
Then they looked through some more photographs, old balck and white ones, of his mother, a fierce looking woman. She kept chickens in the yard many years ago. And when they talked of his father, and his father's brother we heard. There was a strange picture on the wall. It said that Glyn's Uncle was one of 'The Fallen' in 1916, on the 1st October. He died in a French field.
And we heard when they looked at a photograph of Glyn aged 18, dressed in army uniform, round faced, only months older than our Tom. All this we heard. And She said that She had to go, but Glyn wanted to talk more, and She said She had things to do, but he didn't want to be on his own. So we told Her to stay, to listen. There are times when work can wait.
He seemed more settled, more steady, in mind and in memory.
And all the time on his lap the black and white cat sat, and smiled.

( Cards for Glyn can be sent c/o Chris and Julie, The Moshulu Shoe Shop, New Street, St Davids, Pembrokeshire. SA62 6SN, Wales, UK)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A heartfelt thanks.

Sometimes the cats move over and let me say a few words. This is one such time. 
I have just come back after sitting with Glyn for a short while. It warms the heart to see him in his own home sharing a Cornish pasty with Nadolig who seems glued to his knee. Quiet and thoughtful Glyn was settling in to the solitude of home after being in the world of busy institutional life, and though tonight the windows will be dark eyes on the night again, soon he will be home, and Nadolig will sit on the sunshine doorstep and Glyn will enjoy the butterdark dancing daffodils and primroses that decorate his garden.
For now it is good to see him and his heart is full of all the cards he has been sent from all around the world. I know the fact that people from far away and across the wide world sending him get well wishes have helped him through this difficult time. The simple care shown to him and to his cat, the time taken to show such kindness to a stranger, this is what the world should be like always. He sends his thanks and to that I add mine. When he comes home he will bring all his cards back home with him, and his cat blanket that was sent for Nadolig.
So thank you. From all of us.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm the King of the castle

and She's the dirty rascal!

Domestic bliss in the House of Ginger

Tips on comfort from Rosie.
1. When you cannot find anything else you will discover that a ginger cat can make an excellent pillow on which to rest a weary head.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A purfect morning

It was one of those mornings when shadows are softened by cloud as the sun comes up to light a new day. It had not escaped my attention that She had been rising early and taking the dogs for walks, so I kept a whisker wise and watched. Sure enough they headed off up the hill, with me, Elmo, fast behind them. The earth was hard. Across the fields small cloaks of frost silvered the green, but on the hill all was winter bleached. And the sun came up.

Some mornings are just perfect. This one had a stillness and peace wrapped around it. The dogs ran chaotic, reading the scent of night creatures, still fresh on the earth. I prowled, sure foot and cat wise. The world was dressed in beautiful winter colours. Soon there will be skylarks.
In Germany there is a cat magazine, with pictures of us.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Cold and the night.

This morning the moon faded slowly as sunlight filled a new day. Now she is late to rise. Once more the darkness is pinned to the night with a million million stars, high above, far away. Cold, beautiful night. We are all of a curl and a soft fall of fur by the fire's side. Dreaming cats.

Saturday, March 6, 2010



These are the rats that danced with the Jellicle cats. I can see them, but I can't get to them because they are in glass.
She has hung them up with some other things in The House of Golden Dreams.


Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hungry hungry hungry.

The cats prowled around the room like a fierce and ginger pool of tooth and claw.

Cats: Hungry hungry hungry.
She: I fed you all an hour ago.
Cats: No. Hungry hungry hungry.
She: I did. You can't fool me.
Cats: No, Hungry hungry hungry. That was yesterday. Today, no. Hungry hungry hungry.
She: You, cats, are fat as butter. I fed you an hour ago. ow go away.
Cats: Huh! Fat as butter indeed. And you should know! Lithe we are, and beautiful. Go look in the mirror!