Monday, October 25, 2010

Not forgotten.

She went away and returned with a mirror, so now we can see our reflected glory. Beautiful ginger, we glow like firecats. 
This morning the ground was crisp white with a shawl that the moon had thrown down and spread across the fields. As the sun rose into the morning sky she stole away its bone white beauty and warmed the land but when evening came the cold bit again at the air.
Inside the house is warm. We melt in ginger pools across soft cushions.
The house seems a little lost still without Martha. The people sometimes stop when walking across a room and look around as if they have lost something, until they find it is only the memory of her fragile beauty that has slipped their minds for a moment.


Outside is windsong, cold and dark. Inside embers glow.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Looking back.

Eighteen years ago She had a big white cat, the legendary Comfrey, who walked and walked the hills with Her.

When he died, in mysterious circumstances, Arthur and Martha came to live here.


They were all so young, and some of us weren't even born!