Monday, June 25, 2012

Beauty: and the cat book.

Out in the garden the sun was shining. She was photographing pictures to put in her gallery, but we were just making ourselves as beautiful as only a cat can be until she couldn't resist and had to concentrate on trying to capture the 'look'.

And she did take photos of the paintings too and she has put them into her gallery. And the book comes out in August but you can order signed copies from Solva Woollen Mill. And there will be a book launch on 8th August and you are all invited and you can find out more from the mill cats in Middlemill. They will be there.  And we hope that having posed so well and worked so hard that She will at least give us extra cat food and let us sleep in the sunlight pool of warm in the studio.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Walk in the Morning

Early morning misty walking. The sun already warm, the dew thick on the ground and the air noisy with birds. We walk from soft light to sunshine, through grass and foxgloves and lichens. On top of the hill a pair of chough fly over and horses crop the dewy grass.

On the way home the dogs play 'wild things' in the field.

She has a new book coming out and a booklaunch at Solva Woollen Mill on 8th August. She says 'all are welcome, bring a cat.' You can order signed copies of it here, and other ones too, and the Mill cats will make sure She doodles in it.