Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Walk in the Morning

Early morning misty walking. The sun already warm, the dew thick on the ground and the air noisy with birds. We walk from soft light to sunshine, through grass and foxgloves and lichens. On top of the hill a pair of chough fly over and horses crop the dewy grass.

On the way home the dogs play 'wild things' in the field.

She has a new book coming out and a booklaunch at Solva Woollen Mill on 8th August. She says 'all are welcome, bring a cat.' You can order signed copies of it here, and other ones too, and the Mill cats will make sure She doodles in it.


Ms. said...

I MUST have this book! Can I get it from you and Elmo as before? I will email......oh what a glorious morning walk......my eyes are all lit up from the beauty of it.

dinahmow said...

Yes, Elmo (and Pixie, who started the ball rolling!), I will buy this book. It has been a while in the making.
Please ask Her to email me as I have a book she may like.

Sandies' Patch said...

That was a lovely walk!
I'll put the book on my wish list!
Have a greattime at the mill.

Sandie xx

Donatella said...

So lovely to see Elmo stalking through the grass.

Dartford Warbler said...

Thank you for a wonderful walk through the dewy fields. Good luck with the book launch!

Mo Crow said...

Hi Elmo, Ariel P. Cat here, my human has just asked Solva Woollen Mill if a signed copy of "I am Cat" can be sent out all the way out to Australia, Purrreeet meow!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

Elmo, You are such a grand looking cat!
This was a lovely tour , and it's nice to see you and your friends the dogs. :)
This book looks great! I will put it on my wish list.

Deb said...

Beautiful photos. Deb

liniecat said...

I was for many years cat rescue and have had many cats live with me, for short and longer periods.
Ive been blessed that they liked me!
I am down to two, long time rescues who simply didnt leave, but have homed some amazing gingers over the years.
My collie used to adore the cats, hes gone too bless him, and was a doting carer to the dozens of kittens I reared and socialised. He helped in the socialising no end!
Love your blog.......had great fun reading back thru and am going to follow along behind those furry feet............!

Linda Navroth said...

Yours is still my most favorite blog EVER, providing much entertainment and enchantment! So glad to see more postings.

The Curious Cat said...

Such beautiful photos...wish I could come and visit and walk with your cats! :) xxx