Sunday, February 21, 2010

Over roof tops

Around the moon tonight, a halo of ice. And silhouetted against the sky the bear and his love fly, above the house, through the night towards the west, in search of the land that is east of the sun, but west of the moon.

Rosie and Poppy teach snowdrops to fly

She went searching for snowdrops today, but discovered a strange kind of puppy heaven, for in one of the places where the snowdrops lived there also lived Rosie's sister, Poppy.
And a dance of pied beauty and collie chaos ensued.



Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We would like to say a very big thank you, from us, from Nadolig, but also from Mr Griffiths, for all the cards that he has been sent. His nephew, Emrys, has been taking the letters and cards to Glyn, and they have opened and read them together. Glyn's eyes are not as bright as they were when he was young. He doesn't see well. But he has so enjoyed getting the cards from people, from cats, all around the world. They have warmed his heart and cheered his soul, to know that so many people, and cats, would take the time to wish him well. So, he asked that his thanks be sent out to all and everyone. He particularly has enjoys the drawings of cats sent to him by children. And he has had cards from America and Canada, Wales, England, Scotland, Belgium, France, New Zealand and Australia. His room in the hospital is now filled with cats.
When he comes home he will bring them all with him and we will be greatly glad to see him.
And we would like to thank Chris and Julie for collecting all the cards for him.

A twilight cloak of silvered crystal.

It seemed that it the night the silver moon threw down her beautiful gown to adorne the earth, for in the twilight time we stepped out into a world that sparkled.

Ice and fire, silver and flame, and the earth so quietly wrapped in a shroud of cloud.

We stalked through frost like a burning string of amber and paused to leave paws printed in crystals, to say that we are cats and we have walked this way.

Almost home we laughed to see how Rosie was confused by stone water in the trough. And we marvelled at the beauty of the cow, though Elmo envied her her fierce horns.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Friday, February 12, 2010

Pied and ginger

It was a day of golden sunshine. All day She had been working, although for a brief time we made a short trip to see the vet. As the afternoon began to pull long shadows from the sun I clawed Her out from Her studio to try and still the yawning and we walked together up the hill, and for the first time Nadolig came too.

Up the hill to the high top where bird shadows chased cloud shadows and Bella and I shared secret thoughts.

And Nadolig loved what he could see, curled up with Her, then followed back down and ate supper in the garden and sat on the windowsill as the sun went down and stars came out to light the night.
The shadowcat has stolen the moon. It will be a dark night tonight.

Monday, February 8, 2010


At last, long last, the contract for Pixie's book has been drawn up and is in the post. So, after Nursery Rhymes and The Ice Bear She will be colouring in with cat help!
So, Pixie is thinking that maybe she might just get her own facebook page.

Warning: this posting contains scenes of violence and may proove disturbing to the faint hearted.

Last Friday it was a four rat day in Treleddyd Fawr. The first we left outside the bedroom door. Special treat. Not a whole rat, just parts, very neat. Now She thinks that there is a serial killer on the loose with special powers for hypnotizing rats. Little does She know that we all have special powers to control human behaviour.

Wish we could get Her to stop spoiling lovely milk by putting coffee in it though. It would seem that sometimes She still retains the power of independent thought.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A heartfelt thanks.

Today is a warm day, calm, quiet. Nadolig sits in the sunshine in the garden and waits. And we would all like to send our thanks to all who have sent letters and cards to Mr G. They have come from Wales and England, Scotland and Ireland, Australia and Austria, Belgium and America, from north and south, California, Colorado, Alaska, and Australia. All bring good wishes and news from cats all around the world and all gladden Glyn's heart.
The small world of Treleddyd will be glad again when Glyn is home and we are told that he is doing well and is warm and cared for. And She has given us all a talking to about how much food Glyn has given us over the years. There is always a warm welcome for any four legs, be it cat, dog, fox or badger, with Glyn, so sharing with Nadolig, for a short time, should not be too difficult for us to manage.
So thank you, for the cards. Heartwarming.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pretend to be asleep.

So, She wasn't really pleased by the dead mouse on the sofa. She didn't seem to appreciate it when we helped Her wash up by licking the plates clean. She's not happy when we do a wee outside Her bedroom door when She is late getting up, and She seems cross when we try and chase Nadolig away from the house. And furthermore She did not seem at all happy when Kiffer ate the sandwich that She was saving for lunch, tuna and sweetcorn. He was only trying to help as She moans about being too fat, and he thought She could write a poem about it, like that man who ate the plums. There is just no pleasing some people!
Lets all wait outside the studio door and pretend to be asleep. She seems to like that.

A small nocturnal love story

We flow from the house of colour, through the door and into the velvet monochrome of night like a river of ginger. The few stars that shine tonight are veiled and give no light. Across the field a fox begins a love song and is answered by a dog bark. A duel begins, fox call, dog bark, both echo over fields until the calls merge and it is uncertain where the echo ends and the call begins.
But maybe this is not a duel. Perhaps it is a duet. Romeo and Juliette. Fox and sheepdog.