Sunday, September 30, 2012

Walking, thinking and International Tiger Day.

Walking yesterday, just Elmo, and the dogs. Once upon a time there were three, and Martha and Max and Kiffer. Now the house seems quiet. Only Elmo and Max remain.  And since Maurice died the blog has been harder and harder to do. So, for a while Elmo will live over at facebook, perhaps come in through the blogging catflap now and again.

We are a sad house, for last week we buried Pixie in the garden. She had been ill for some time, but we think was attacked by a big dog who was in the garden. Will never know. At least she is now at peace, but we miss her sitting in the sun in the garden, and for a long time we have missed her walking company. She was ill with something that made her seem as if she had a permanent cold, and so she struggled to catch her breath. Such a lovely affectionate cat. Elmo misses her, and so do I and we are thinking of other cats and kittens and what to do. But meanwhile we went walking.

So, if it is quiet here for some time and you wish to find out what happens next you can wander to Her blog on Her website, or pop to facebook for Elmo's page.
But before we go we wanted to tell you about a very special auction. It is International Tiger Day and to celebrate this and to try and raise money to help tigers She gave away a painting to 21st Century Tiger. The auction went live today, and there is a reserve of £1000 on the painting, which comes from the book I am Cat, written and illustrated by Her with the help of all cats in the house, but especially Pixie and Maurice. You can see more of the paintings at The House of Golden Dreams.

Elmo likes tigers.