Monday, August 30, 2010

Working hard.

When we are not working hard promoting Her work and taking a look at the work of Amanda Popham, which is lovely......

...we like to practice synchronized lounging in sunshine.

Hard work, and Max came to add some dark contrast to ginger splendour. In the meantime Martha became The Cookbook Cat in a cwtch.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Making an exhibition of Herself

It has been a while since we posted. Not because we have been busy. We have just been being cats, which is the best ting to be. And not much has happened. We have watched birds fly, visited Glyn, walked in the starlit world and marked the paths of bats across the night.

She has been busy, painting and getting things together for an exhibition a long way away from home in England.

We are glad to see that She is painting cats, although She seems to be spending too little time in Her studio, too little time with us.
It is summer. The garden should be butterflies dancing but today is rain. It taps its claws on the roof and trickles in bright trails down the windows. So we curl on the sofa and dream cat dreams and wait. There are seal pups on the beaches.
Life is sweet.

On 24th September it will be Glyn's birthday. We think he will be 85, but we are not sure. Each year he gets a few cards for his birthday. Each year these get less. If you would like to send him a car please do, to C/o Chris and Julie, The Moshulu Shoe Shop, New St, St Davids, Pembrokeshire, Wales, UK. SA62 6SN. All of the cards sent to him in hospital and at home have warmed his heart and astonished him that there are people around the world who know him and care. There is an invisibility that comes with age, but Glyn feels good that people around the world know of him, of Nadolig. And if you mark the envelopes 'birthday' then She will keep them and take them all to him on the day. You never know, we might even persaud Her to make him a cake.
Oh, and She has a new book out on 2nd September, but it isn't about cats.