Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Nights Out and The Author Blog Awards.

It is not like the Kiffer to miss a meal, so when he wasn't home for two She began to worry and set off to look for him. First stop, Glyn's, but no sign there, which was good as Glyn wasn't home as he is in the care home for a few days longer and She feared that Kiffer had curled up and made himself invisible and been locked in. Next stop, big green shed. Through the mud to the big shed door and She called. 
And She called again. 
No kiffer.
Worry. Call one more time.
And then, "where have you been? I have been shut in this shed now for twenty four hours and I can't get out and it was dark and I was scared and you didn't come, you didn't!"
"Wait there. I'm off to get the key."
"Let me out. Now. Let me out. Now. Let me out. Now."
And he was still calling as She walked back smiling. Many a rat will have met its end last night. Brave Kiffer.
She got the key. She let him out. He ate his weight in cat food then curled to sleep in the warm.
Now, we know that She is not very interesting, doesn't catch many mice and spends far too long every day playing with paint when She should be looking after us, has not shining coat of ginger and not enough hair, can't even cough up a decent hairball, but we are quite fond of Her and She is quite excited as Her blog is doing well in the author blog awards, so if you haven't already, and remembering that you can vote for us aswell because we are better than Her and there are more of us, please click through on this link and give Her a vote. She my only be human, but She is our human and these little things ( and the guts we left outside her bedroom door last night) do seem to make Her happy.  Her blog address is http://www.drawingalineintime.blogspot.comand She called it that because She is usually late and always misses deadlines and because She thinks She is funny. Odd things, humans.


The Curious Cat said...

Poor Kiffer! :( Off to vote... xxx

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

Kiffer! You are such a rascal!! It is a good thing She loves you so much to go seeking you out!

We will go vote for Her now. How exciting!


MrsB said...

Glad to vote for you. Daily reader, and know the worry of not being able to find a kitty.

Val said...

Ok Kiffer task completed nearly voted for your website not hers but caught my mistake in time...happy hunting (avoid green sheds)

Linda Navroth said...

Dear Gingers,
Please give Her this message:
It would be my great pleasure to vote for Her blog. I have followed her words and work for quite a while now and it is always the bright spot of my day to read Her posts. I wish the whole world was like the world She lives in: full of beauty, birdsong, magical places, and Ginger Cats roaming the heathered hills.
Thank you for all the beautiful words and images!

Linda Navroth said...

Something about that big green shed--Elmo got locked in there last April!

The Ginger Darlings said...

Big green shed FULL of plump juicy rats!
ps. You notice that She hasn't said on Her blog that anyone should vote for us! Selfish two legs!!!!!
We played that game today of how many four legs can sit on a two legs. Got up to five, and She said it was like having a fur blanket over Her.

Teri and her Stylish Cats ~ Coco the Couture Cat, FurryDance Brighton, and Disco NoFurNo said...

We voted and took a look at the blog too...we didn't know about it and will return when time permits...oh, and the cats voted for the cats!

Pip said...

Kiffer, how you get in there? You should be more careful!
(We votes fur your mommy, her blogs are like poetry!)

Rosalind said...

Wasn't going to bother leaving a message to say I had voted for her, but the word verification is "bless" and so I I felt impelled to! Glad Kiffer is keeping the rodent population down, our cat is steadfastly ignoring the rat in our compost heap. best wishes!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip, Gingers. I did vote for Her and also for Estorbo's wooman.
(And if Geiger and Sporran find out, they'll be cross!)
Perhaps we should all vote for Pixie who, after all, is the one who chased a contract and the one who's doing the "proper" writing while She colours-in.

Griffin said...

Well that's one shed that's going to be rat-free for a bit!! Tho' next time Kiffer, make sure you can get out before you go in!!

Ooh a cat blanket! I love having cats asleep on me purring and looking lovely.