Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eaves dropping from a warm window seat.

We could hear what they were talking about from the window where we sat in the sunshine. The day started off filthy and wet and dark and we wanted sunshine for Glyn, who was spending another day in his house. As the morning slipped by the sun came out and we went around into the garden with him, where the daffodils dance with heavy heads, double flowers, butter rich. Then Glyn and Nadolig went back inside and we went around and clawed Her out of Her studio where She was doing nothing much and avoiding doing other things.
So when they talked about the photograph She took for him, of the house in the snow lit by early morning light, we heard. And when he said, look, there is one of your cats, we heard. His eyes are brighter, clearer and he can see more. This is good.
Then they looked through some more photographs, old balck and white ones, of his mother, a fierce looking woman. She kept chickens in the yard many years ago. And when they talked of his father, and his father's brother we heard. There was a strange picture on the wall. It said that Glyn's Uncle was one of 'The Fallen' in 1916, on the 1st October. He died in a French field.
And we heard when they looked at a photograph of Glyn aged 18, dressed in army uniform, round faced, only months older than our Tom. All this we heard. And She said that She had to go, but Glyn wanted to talk more, and She said She had things to do, but he didn't want to be on his own. So we told Her to stay, to listen. There are times when work can wait.
He seemed more settled, more steady, in mind and in memory.
And all the time on his lap the black and white cat sat, and smiled.

( Cards for Glyn can be sent c/o Chris and Julie, The Moshulu Shoe Shop, New Street, St Davids, Pembrokeshire. SA62 6SN, Wales, UK)


quiltcat said...

Ginger cats, you are very wise to persuade Her to stay and listen to Glyn and talk to him about his memories and look at the photos with him. That purposeful stimulation of the memory is a very good thing, plus it gave him company...and a good reason to sit still and make a lap for Nadolig.

The Wales, Wisconsin Cats said...

Excellent post--we are glad She is warming her own little corner of the world.

Unknown said...

How very sweet and warm. Perhaps this is her work for now.

Sobeit said...

Ah, there, see he just needs to be back in his own familiar surroundings. Thank you so much for including the address to send cards to...


Val said...

Dear Cats please tell her she is very kind and that was very nice news..thank you for sharing it

Ann said...

Jackie-I felt like one of the gingers basking on the windowsill listening to your visit with Glyn-they are all so fortunate to have you as a friend and caregiver-and you are a kind and loving companion to Mr. Griffiths-I do believe that being in familiar surroundings will help to improve his memory for now, make him more secure and give him some peace-do not we all long to have our own things around us, especially when we are not well. Angie

Lyn said...

I hope Glyn got my card Jackie? the one withg Nadolig on, I think I wrote the address right, never mind!
So glad he is brighter in himself and so glad for Nadloig too.

daisymay said...

So pleased he is able to spend more time at his home with his cats, and you all.

A name keeps going through my mind, 'The Moonfetchers'. Is this something you have drawn before? If not, the name sounds like something you should draw!

Love your work, and love those cats too. Nicky x

Anne Boleyn said...

This makes me remember when my mother was in the hospital and had what we call, "sundowning", awful confusion and disorientation as the day wears away. We went and brought her home because she was so disruptive. All the way home she continued to be confused and I was so afraid. But when she went into her house she walked around and touched her dear familiar things, and she was back to herself.
Thank you. Gingers and Jackie.

Lydia said...

Sigh...just the right thing to do, stay and listen a bit longer.
I am so happy for Nadolig that he has his precious lap -- and I'm so warmed by this sweet report by the Ginger ones.

Estorbo said...

Ees byooteeful story, Geengehairs.

Goldie, Shade and Banshee said...

It was sweet that She stayed for a longer visit.
Wise Gingers.

Dougie Donk said...

Good news & well done on being a good enough friend to stay & listen.

I've read recently that just having someone who knows what the seemingly disconnected references are about can make all the difference to the quality of life of an older person.

I've posted another card today & hope that the support of his virtual friends will help Glyn a little.