Monday, September 17, 2007

We Three Walking in the Wild Wind

It has been a week since we have walked. Today the wild wind cat is howling over the hill, a cold north wind. It blows through fur and flattens ears to the head. But we walk anyway. We are not afraid of the wind cat.

On top of the hill we sheltered in a warm and sunny place. Clouds raced overhead. The sun shone and our fur kept us warm. The wind rushed and rattled through the bones of the heather flowers and sighed like the sea in the long golden grass.

Pixie and Bella talked of things, of this and that.

Then home, back out into the wild wind, through bracken and grass, leaving the warmth and shelter of stone.


Julie H said...

Your cats are wonderful! I love ginger cats best of all - these photo's are making me long to visit Wales. What a beautiful place you live. Thank you for sharing.

Leslie Hawes said...

Bella is the fortress.

Kitikata-san said...

What a lovely walk and nap spot. It looks like a very fulfilling day.