Saturday, September 22, 2007

When we walk.

We walk in the morning, early, before the birds have sung the light into the day, the sun into the sky. We watch as all comes to light and the darkness of the flying mice is chased from the sky.
We walk in the middle of the day when the sun casts shadows beneath, in the late evening when shadow cats stretch out and yawn and the sun is low.
We walk in the spring freshness of budding blossoms, in the heat of the summer when we pant like tigers, seeking shade, in the cool of autumn when the bracken competes with our coats and in winter.
We walk at night when the sky is a blanket of stars wrapped around the world and shooting stars rain down bringing wishes, when air is full of the small squeals of flying mice who silhouette their wings against the shining moon.
We walk in the rain and our fur makes wet points and we flick with our paws in the puddles and mud.
We walk when the windcat is wild and she pushes our ears flat to our heads and we run to shelter from her roar in the lee of her playful paws.
We walk in the summer evening when the warmth of the air pulls the scent from the flowers and leaves the perfume hanging thick, from honeysuckle and heather.
We walk when the butterflies fill the air, and dragon flies with shining rattle-wings.
We walk in the cold when our warm feet melt footprints into white frost.
But we do not yet walk in snow. We have heard of snow, but we have not yet seen it.
When it comes, then we will walk in snow.


Unknown said...

I walk in the living room on the carpet and in the kitchen on the vinyl floor. That does not sound as fun as walking in the sun with grass under my paws.

The Ginger Darlings said...

We also walk on the carpet in the house and we have to say that it is not always clean. Neither is the floor in the kitchen!She is not very house proud this woman that we live with. And the garden is quite a disgrace. Once this year she cut the grass.
Lazy woman!
But there is something wonderful about the smell of cat fur when the sun has been warming it, and a bed of rose petals and a snooze in the open air.

The Ginger Darlings said...

ps and we walk on the kitchen table, and the bed and the clean washing!

JT said...

I love snow. I do not love walking on it. It is wet and cold. Yuck!

The Misadventures Of Me said...

I do nots like snow, its too colds for my paws. Perhaps you will likes it more than mes?

Miz said...

We have walked in the snow...we did not like it at all, it bites at your toes and sticks in little balls to your feetfurs. It is much better up on the sofa where she leaves the electric blanket on for us.

ChrisJ said...

So beautiful, you three ginger cats!
We are thinking about visiting Wales next year. When I blog again in a few days I will introduce you three to Bailey, who sleeps on his back, with his paws folded. He doesn't get the luxury of grass and wind and rain. We have coyotes so it's best for him

Monty Q. Kat said...

I want to be a Ginger Darling!

Dorothy said...

Vivid and real, this expression of walking. I could fee the wind and smell the honeysuckle and heather.