Friday, September 28, 2007

The moon by cat light

We are cats and we walk in the moonlight.
We walk with our moon shadows in the nighttime country.
On the beaches the seal pups glow in the moonlight. In the sea the sleeping seals shine in the moonlight. The sea is painted with ripples of silver.
The hill is black and white but every tree and every stone wall stands out in its monochrome deep shadowed splendour.
We are the only creature of colour as we hold the last rays of sunset fixed in our fur and shine like a pale fire.


Peg said...

I love you, Ginger Cats.

Nick Green said...

Do you have a secret spaceship hidden in the caves below your house? That is the best Moon picture I've seen for ages without the aid of Saturn V rockets. You can practically see the tyre tracks of the lunar buggy and that dumped WWII bomber.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Our secret is out. We do indeed have a space ship but we keep it in the attic.
It is made from the lids of anchovy tins. We do not use it often, only on clear nights when we sail up to the stars and watch them falling. Sometimes we push them with our paws.
And we chase the moon mice.
But still we dream of wings.