Sunday, September 30, 2007

Ginger Queen of the Castle..

She was tired, but She would not stay in bed and let us curl around Her and purr while She read. It was a grey day. We could tell that they were going to try and walk without us, so we gathered by the door and made big eyes. Today was a day for mischief and we would not miss out on walking.
First we went to see if the seals were still there. They were, and they made sweet noises, calling, calling, like the wind, like a child, and we hung over the edge of the cliff to see the better.

Next we played "King of the Castle", but Pixie won, so it was "Ginger Queen of the Castle" instead.

Then back up the hill towards home and along the wall, ears on the sharp lookout for mice. The last of the summer martins crisscrossed the golden field.

In the old village of Maes y Mynydd we played ghost cats, threading in and out of the blind window.

Then Elmo decided on a new game of "King of the Castle" to the top of the stone chimney, balanced so precariously, stone upon stone.

Then safe home to sleep and dream of the birds as they zig zag their way through the sky. Very soon now they will be gone, away from the cold to a place far away.


Leanne said...

I love all the photos of the ginger darlings, its been 15 years since I had a ginger moggy and I would love another! My own 5 darlings are all black and white or white and black lol

Leanne x

Daisy said...

That photo of you hanging over the cliff edge is breath-taking! You ginger cats have so much fun. I really enjoy seeing your adventures.

Celia Hart said...

How exciting for the Ginger Darlings to have a castle to explore. My ginger "studio assistant" was must missed while I was on holiday - back home again and so cosy on the first frosty morning of the autumn to find him snuggled up to us in bed.


Libbys Blog said...

It is so lovely to follow your walks, the ginger darlings certainly enjoy themselves!