Thursday, September 13, 2007


Usually we do not believe in advertising things. Being cats we are not very commercial, but we know which side our mice are buttered on. So, this month She has had a book published and as it is a book about a cat we thought we might put in a word for her. It is quite a good book, even though the cat is not ginger. It has some words in it, and some pictures too and you can see more of them both at Her website.
The book is about a cat that is big. It lives in the high mountain ranges in Nepal and Afghanistan and has magic in it. And it is about a child too.

It is published in French and in Danish and in English. In November She is going to France to a festival of lots of books to sign books. In America The Snowleopard Conservancy will have some of the books to sell.
She spends a lot of time painting sometimes, though at the moment She is restless and we have to spend much time looking after Her. This morning She woke up too early and started trying to work on a new book just as the sun was beginning to rise, so we made ourselves into a big, thick, ginger blanket with four heads and many legs and four tails so that She could not work. She needs to think some more. We purred a song to help Her relax.
The Elmo sat in a pot and looked charming, like a strange bird on a nest of balls. He is still waiting for his wings.


Unknown said...

You kinda look like my brother, Clyde.

Angel Simba said...

The new book looks wonderful! Good luck to your Mom with it so you will get lots of wonderful food. My Mom tells me even is carrying it, so your American readers can get it as soon as it comes out on September 28th!

dragonladych said...

Ok now I am annoyed. I usually want books in original language but you say the French version is bigger... What to do? :D

Seriously congratulations! It looks wonderful! Too bad you don't come and visit Switzerland too!

The Ginger Darlings said...

Help and advice from cats.
The French book is bigger and somehow this makes it work better. We are told that the translation is wonderful. The English and American one has a dust jacket, which is nice, and silver foil type which makes it look classy.
We are cats. We like the big one. There is more space to sit on, and that is what it is best to do with books.
She likes the French one too and keeps wandering around the house muttering things she remembers from when She was at school and learned French, but the words tangle on her tongue and sound not right.
We don't like it when She goes away. We are cats. She should stay here, do her colouring in and look after us.

Anonymous said...

What a very beautiful book. We hope that a lot of people around the world will like it.

We will mark our calendar for September 28th as Simba mentioned above.

Daisy said...

The snow leopard illustrations are so beautiful! We have been thinking for some time about getting one of your books. This might be the book we get!

Cindy Garber Iverson said...

You did a wonderful thing by helping Her relax. Purring is the best creative stimulant there is in the world! Now you must find a way to figure out how to keep Her from never leaving home. ;) Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage