Monday, September 24, 2007

Evening and the wild wind cat.

Today, all day, the wild wind cat rattled at the cat door, and ran across the roof tiles and pushed at the windows. We stayed warm in the beanbags until we went walking as the sun was setting.

We followed in a line over lichen green rocks to the high place where Maurice found a cave.

Curled like a wildcat he looked out over the fields, safe from the cold chill of the wind cat's breath.

And Elmo ate flowers.


Miz said...

You just have to love Elmo, such a sweet goofball.

ChrisJ said...

You three are such a day-brightener. I get a smile every day I visit -- and your dog-friend is surely very Egyptian.

Daisy said...

Oh Elmo, you are the funny one of the bunch eatin' the flowers!

Mary said...

They are possibly the most gorgous cats ever, the cave looked wonderful and cosy. I always wanted a ginger cat, mine are all black and white but I love them dearly anyway. I think my cat May would enjoy going exploring with Elmo, she likes eatting grass and it would distract her from trying to make friends with the family of swans that have come to live on the canal by our house. They don't like May as much as she likes them, she has yet to understand the language of swan hisses!