Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Thank you

Jackie: I would like to thank everyone around the world, first for all your kind words and advice about Mr Griffiths. I have not been in to see him for a week now, as i was busy finishing Starlight Sailor and then delivering the art and also I was told by a couple of people that the hospital had said they should not go in as there was a bug there. I spoke a couple of days ago to a lovely lady called Ann who used to live here and she has been his most regular visitor and supporter. She said he was not good last time when she saw him. Physically amazing but wandering in his mind and full of stories of Africa where he was when young.
I will go an see him today. I think he is drinking and eating fine. I will take the Welsh Homes book and leave with him and also a copy of Classic Poems. Glyn's generation learned poetry by heart, so many of the poems will sing to his memory. And I will tell him that cats all over the world and their people are wishing him well, though how I will explain a blog to him I do not know. That could be an interesting conversation.
I will take in a letter for his consultant and ask that when they do the 'memory tests' that they do to see how confusion reigns that they do it through the medium of the Welsh language, and also ask if there is any way he can be brought home.
But Nadolig is not here, has not been here since the first weekend Glyn was away. He will have gone to somewhere warm and where there is food. There was a time that I would find him sitting on my kitchen table pretending to be ginger, but that was when he was young.
When Glyn comes home he will come home. Wherever he is he will know that the house has its soul back and he will walk across the fields to sit by the fire.

Pixie: And we would like to say thank you for all those who have joined our pride as we reach 100 followers. Good to have you with us when we walk.


Griffin said...

I like the idea of Nadolig pretending to be ginger! I am sure he's fine, he's a smart cat after all.

I do hope Mr Griffiths will be well if he can be, if only so that he can come home. 'Home' - what a word. So full of meaning and where the heart is when the body is away from home.

Yes do let him know that there are people all over thinking of him, wishing him well and sending some of their strength and fire to him.

Anonymous said...

there's a small number of us reading along avidly via syndication through LiveJournal as well (a couple of us are based in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada, and at least one other is based in Buffalo, New York).

we're also hoping Mr Griffiths and Nadolig come home. Perhaps if they can teach Rosie poetry, she'll stop eating everything in sight.

Warm blessings to both your houses.

~ Arnora

Felina said...

I'm sure he's blessed to have such a concerned and caring neighbor. Kudos to you and your kindly brood.

Morning's Minion said...

I think we have all experienced a similar situation, that of a relative or friend growing older and being taken away from home. I know that you and your children--and the cats--miss Mr. Griffiths' presence. So often quality of life doesn't extend to the length of our days.
You have given a glimpse of a person I would like to have met.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely idea, to pretend to be ginger! We could do that too!

We do hope Nadolig comes home soon - you will let us all know wont you? We are worried that Mr Griffith's will miss him too much.