Thursday, February 26, 2009

Shapes like children in the tree

Next week things called 'builders' are coming to build us a new room in which we can paint. She thinks it is a new studio for Her, but we know better. For a while the house will be upside down and even dirtier than usual and all will be chaos. For a while the children will have to live in a house made of grass and twigs in the tree.


Morning's Minion said...

Dear Gingers,
Do be careful. Builder's vans, stacks of lumber, and all the uproar of renovation can be DANGEROUS for cats. We had a cat called Leah who liked to get up into the attic when we were finishing a house. She got walled in and a hole had to be made so she could come out.

Griffin said...

Then you will have to go up the tree and keep the children safe... and get Elmo to photograph them too! ;)

Watch out for builders, they smell of dust and paint. Tho' they can be useful at lunchtimes...! Also they leave dangerous things around, some of which should not even be sniffed.

You will have to be nice to them and bring them rats for snacks. I am sure they will be very impressed.

petoskystone said...

& remember--while wildly interesting, loud noises (such as hammering) can lead to stomped tails & feet! RubyMami

Shammickite said...

I hope it doesnt rain for the children's sake.

Marie said...

Trees like to be climbed :-)

Consider the lonely gaint whose tree bloomed in winter when a small boy climbed into its branches.