Friday, December 19, 2008

What I have been eating this week.....

a tin of dog food (stolen from the kitchen table)
a hair comb
three lockets ( cough sweets)
a pig face pot holder (pink, fits over my nose)
more coal
more catfood
sweet water from a swift running stream
mud puddles
driftwood sticks on the beach that taste of salt
a paper boat
the leg of a chair
a cardboard box that made a lovely mosaic on the carpet

and after all that a little nap to let it all settle


The Good Life in Virginia said...

are you sure you are not part goat?

andrea said...

Good one! But with a Lab puppy I bet I can beat it! (My Australian Shepherd was pretty good about leaving the inedibles alone but this guy -- NOTHING is off limits.)

Anonymous said...

Oh!Rosie! Small wonder you need a nap!

Morning's Minion said...

Rosie--erk! Does it "settle" or come back up/out--do we want to know?
Sorry about the redundancy of comment several days ago--my "post" feature wasn't working correctly.
It sounds like you have wonderful territory for walking--all of you.

Yolanda said...

I am glad to have found your blog.I hope you will stop by for a visit too.

Anonymous said...

My daughters dog Daisy eats socks and then they are eventually returned yuk.Are you related somehow Rosie?Ever been to Ontario Canada on you mid night runs and wild and wooley travels?

quiltcat said...

Hi Rosie. Somebody (ginger-colored...) told me you tried to eat a bread knife this week....please be careful, that is very very dangerous. Most of those other things you're eating are icky or not good, but a knife is really really bad.

Ev said...

Oh Rosie, you certainly have a varied diet. My loopy lab Chester has asked that I warn you on the eating of body spray cannisters - they have a tendency to blow up in your face. He was a very very lucky but pulls such funny faces when he sees any spray can these days.

Danielle Barlow said...

Beware of Socks! However tempting and tasty they are. At best they damage the lawn mower when they come out, and at worst they cause terrible blockages and traumatic visits to the vet. I have two friends who have been unable to resist the call of a used sock, and ended up in surgery.
Me, I just can't resist cakes left to cool on the side!
Magpie ( a collie labrrador cross), who is old enough to know better.

Anonymous said...

These are very comforting lists. They encourage me to hope that Fergus, the nine-month-old Cardi pup, who ingests first and tastes second, may yet live to see his first birthday. (Dogs. What were we thinking? )

Morning Glories in Round Rock said...

What an amazing list Rosie! I think you must be very inquisitive--and hungry! Have something good to settle your stomach for Christmas, like cookies left for Santa. And please don't bite him when he comes down the chimney.

Anonymous said...

Please do not eat "curling ribbon"-passing this requires (2) human(s) to assist.... :(
Pass the warning on the the Gingers & Gray tabby.