Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A walk in the evening on a cold Wednesday

Nothing is too steep for the power of ginger, and Elmo always loves to show off his climbing skills.

At the top in the blink of an eye and today the sky is a heavy ceiling of cloud.

In the west the sun is setting. The landscape is a lean winter landscape of russets. Plump pheasants nestle in the bones of bracken.

To the north the lighthouse pulses out its beacon from Strumble Head. At Pen Beri the peregrine sits with feathers fluffed against the cold, swift death waiting and watching on a stone ledge above the sea.

And on the way home we play cat bat in the evening light.


Anonymous said...

There can be only one king of the catsle.
Love the sky colours in the third photo.

Cat with a Garden said...

Your ginger fur shows off so well against the natural background. It is pawsome that you get to accompany Her on the walks.

Griffin said...

That really is the most fabulous landscape. One day Jackie, one day I am going to come down there and go walkies myself... if I'm really lucky I may meet an artist and three cats...!

I can see that poor peregrine with fluffed feathers, trying to keep warm!

Definitely only one king of the castle!