Saturday, December 20, 2008

Just incase you have not realised that Christmas is soon

In a small corner of Wales the two-legs are panicking. It seems that once again it is a thing called Christmas, which means we get some goose and they eat sprouts (green things that don't bleed) and before all that the two-legs get very tense and shouty.
So we have been asked to let everyone know about the ecards on Her website. You can see them here and send them to people that you wish to. Some are of paintings but the best are of us, because we are cats and we are magnificent.


embee said...

Rosie you must have a cast iron stomach. We like to eat anything left out, but it has to be food! Our humans are pretty calm despite Christmas being near. love your blog!
Rusty and Nessy (age 8 months)

Morning's Minion said...

The E-cards are lovely and have saved me from desparing over the card situation.
Do the Ginger Darlings and the dogs look forward to gifts? Our family cats receive a new array of catnip mice [sometimes hadnmade] and the dogs get things which are meant to be chewed.

Griffin said...

You are cats and you are magnificent. It is true and you are also very beautiful too.

The cards are fabulous and I am looking forward to friends emailing me and asking me who did them and all about the artist. When I am in cash again, I shall buy prints.