Friday, December 26, 2008

Animal Christmas

Christmas eve and She has bought our Christmas present early! Elmo makes sure it doesn't get away while I go fetch the others. Christmas is after all a time for sharing.

And for Christmas Rosie gets the most annoying squeaking pheasant, but is soon worn out by all and everything.

ps. For Christmas we gave Her a rat. Not just any rat. This was the King Rat, biggest in the garden ad it took team work to catch and to kill. Did She say thank you? You may well ask. She took one look and sighed, with love maybe for our kind thought, and said, 'a rat. How lovely. Just what always wanted.' Then She picked it up in a plastic bag and took it away outside. Pixie said that she could detect a note of sarcasm in Her voice, but I thought She was holding back a tear of joy that we could be so generous.


Jennifer Rose said...

aww that is a very cute photo of Rosie :D

PurestGreen said...

I love, LOVE the last photo. And I have said it before, but what a beautiful area to live.

Vincent said...

That little piece of tongue is just too cute and too funny.

I've been following your blog for a while now. You are so, SO blessed with the way you live there. Looking at the pictures is like dreaming.

Griffin said...

A whole rat! You cats are too kind. Possibly She had just eaten and was rather full.

Rosie the long-legs looks lovely. Even if she has the appetite of a goat!

Anonymous said...

You did, of course, refer Her to The Nutcracker when you presented King Rat? Good for you in your seasonally appropriate choice of gift.