Thursday, December 25, 2008

Snipe and shooting stars.

It is night again. In this moment of peace stand in the garden and look up into the sky. What we once thought was the bowl of night is rich with wonder. The air is still. At first the sky seems to be the cloth of heaven pierced by cat claw to reveal the lights of heaven behind. Look closer. There are bright stars and pale and behind, above, around these a myriad of lights, a thousand billion could not number. The texture of the heavens is a wonder of the world.
Tonight again there is a stillness that hangs. Cold air bites at skin. Somewhere a snipe rises in dangerous dark flight, disturbed from sleep by the blood red fox. All around distant dogs bark. Somewhere someone whistles, to call a dog home to the hearthside.
From the sky a small star falls, an arc of light in an infinite tapestry.


sakiblu said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS, four paws all!!, MEOW!!

ChrisJ said...

Infinite heavens made by an infinite God. Merry Christmas, with a special scratch behind the ear for each of the kitties and dogs.
(I saw a young man in church last night with hair the same color as your kitties. That hair color is not nearly so prevalent over here as in the British Isles).