Thursday, December 4, 2008

A study in sleeping

She came home with a sheepskin, deep chocolate and white, warm. This is the place to sleep as winter gets sharper.

Unfortunately I made such blissful noises of happy sleeping that Pixie and Maurice decided it was the only place to be too, while Kiffer thought a bit more space would be good.

Inspired by the idea of sharing, Rosie and Floss sat in the same dog basket. Then Floss decided that the washing basket looked better. A perfect fit.

Meanwhile Rosie stretched out and had a close inspection of one of Her old paintings She left littering the house in an untidy fashion.

But I still think my sheepskin best of all places to sleep and dream of feathercloaks and wings and things.


Cat with a Garden said...

That is a huge sheep skin. I brought a tiny peace of sheep skin with me. The lady where I was born had put it in our box, so it smells of my mom and littermates to me. Unfortunately, my new little sister, Chilli, likes to rip it apart... You all look so comfortable!
Purrs, Siena

The Good Life in Virginia said...

my oh my you all look so comfy and contented on your new sheepskin...your mom did good ^..^

quiltcat said...

what a wonderful winter nest for you all! You look like you're smelling sheep and summer meadows, Maurice!

Celia Hart said...

We're going to ask Santa for a sheepskin - looks soooooo cosy!

The Studio Assitants
(the ginger one and his tabby sister) xx

Griffin said...

Elmo looks so lovely and comfortable... but Kiffer in the famous 360 degree wraparound position looks utterly compact and bijou!

Elizabeth Rhiannon said...

I love your blog of feline and canine friends. It has inspired me to put up pics of my 2 owners (Bunny aka Piglet and MiMi) and a few other creatures I know. Thanks for the smiles. I've added you as a blog I follow :)
~ E. Rhiannon

Nan and =^..^= said...

How wonderful to have a warm large sheepskin to snuggle into on cold winter days and nights! Over here in Maine, we have many baskets and some are lined with polar fleece ( not nearly as warm as what you have) and we also love sleeping on the inside of jackets that have been left opened on the sofa and even on top of knitted mittens left on the wicker couch. Stop by and see us!
Ellie May, Polly and Brody

Anonymous said...

Oh! The sugness of sheepskin! There are 2 very old skins here, on two old cane chairs in the bedrooms at the end of the hall and we all love them.(But mostly we love the sitting room furniture 'cos it's closer to the kitchen!)

Anonymous said...

I want one too!!!