Saturday, August 1, 2009

Rosie's hints and tips on culinary matters.

I am the Rosie and I have lived in the House of Ginger for a whole big year now. No longer a puppy, now I can run with the big dogs. It is a while since I have given the world the wisdom of my culinary tips, so here is a round up of the last years eating.

1. Poo, preferably rabbit or horse, but sheep or cow is ok too.
2. Cameras.
3. Mobile phones
4. Kitchen knives (always good for causing alarm among the two legs!)
5. Builder's sandwiches. Yum.
6. Biscuits.
7. Wooden spoons. The best are the ones used to stir up the beef in beer. Very tasty, like posh sticks.
9. A good book. ( though you have to be careful. She was none to impressed when I ate the book with one of Her manuscripts in!)
10. Cat food.
11. Horse food.
12. Robin's bacon sandwich that despite being warned many times about my thieving nature he had left in the kitchen right under my nose and what, after all, is a dog to do.
13. Yoghurt pots.

And the best bit of thieving I did in the year? Taking the bacon out of the grill without even burning my nose! Skill!

ps to see me in all my cute growing click on the label below.


a quiet life said...

i am new to your blog and in love with rosie and we 3 kitties... i just got 3 new borders and have a ginger, and just about every other color, 10x over, now if only i lived your idyllic life~ adore all the cuddle pics.

Angie said...

Rosie ...I think we could give you a run for your money. Sid can whip a sandwich off a plate while our human is holding it, Pheobie can remove just the filling, if its meat, HP can grab a paw full of curry ... no problem and I know what you mean about the fact that humans never learn. So many times we have warned them not to leave food out ...even to answer the door but do they listen ... so whats a cat to do... same as a dog it

R-e-s-p-e-c-t to you though for the bacon, still on hot grill, achievement ... re ... spect.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Not just ON the grill, Angie, but INSIDE the grill. One of those with a pull out tray. The two legs are still trying to work out how I did it without burning. And I am not telling, just in case they leave me alone with the bacon again!

rachel said...

"like posh sticks" - ho ho.

Griffin said...

Ah yes, the bacon off the grill is definitely a skill.

Our first cat took a rollmop from my sister's sandwich without my sister noticing... until she tried to eat it and found it gone!! Smart cat that one!

Ohhh Robin, no bacon for you... not if Rosie has anything to do with it!!

PurestGreen said...

my favourite photos are when she spent that week mostly growing her ears, the the one with her tongue out of the side of her mouth. Always makes me laugh.

missbreezysbox said...

All sound O.K. if I were a dog, except #1.

JC said...

My girls, as sweet as they look, cannot be trusted either. They are 6 & 8 now but still ... no food can be left on a counter .. if you leave the room.

My teenagers forget and one night Bella, the lab, ate pancake mix of all things.

I have to put two chairs in front of the pantry door. She can open it.

By the way, your dog is way cute ..

Don't tell the ginger cats though ..

Jennifer Rose said...

that does take lots of skill to steal the bacon off of the grill without getting hurt! well done :D

Geiger said...

In the still, quiet sleep-time, I came in here and read your bacon-stealing episode again. And again. And I practised in my head until, one day - Dinah turned away from the bacon pan for a moment and, quicker than a flash, I hooked some bacon, right out of the pan, across the flame...and ran outside with it. (It tasted good, but really needed a little more cooking.)

basicnorth said...

Oh Rosie, I wonder, did you really grow your ears, or did you grow up to fit your years.

I'm a Long Dog living in America, and I'm sure that I grew into my ears!

But you are very beautiful, and happy anniversary!

Shadow, who lives with Basic North

ChrisJ said...

Oh Jackie, I had no idea you had another blog about Rosie. I've booked marked it now. It's wonderful!

The Ginger Darlings said...

SAme blog Chris. Rosie is thinking of adding the odd recipe though.