Monday, August 3, 2009


All day long, rain. We curl in warm puddles of ginger fur, wrapped around each other in the bang, clatter crash as the house begins again to take shape. It rocks in a sea of rain. And this is not like summer rain, but dark and cold and heavy.
Across the sea we dream of a sea dog, pirate and adventures.
And still we curl like ginger flames of fire and wait. For the house to be finished. For the builders to be gone. For peace.


Angie said...


Morning's Minion said...

Building or remodeling a house can be so messy and disruptive. It is hard to find a quiet comfortable spot while it is on-going. I hope that you are at least dry now, and warm and safe while wind and rain are doing their worst outside. When we have lived in a half built house the cats hide under the bed during the noisey day and only emerge at night.

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have THREE ginger cats! And all from the same litter? I adore ginger cats. Have one. He, of course, is a very highly evolved cat and is only 6 mo. old. His best friend is my new puppy, an 11 week old Westie boy. I will be following this blog for sure! What riches, THREE ginger cats all at once! Wow!

The Ginger Darlings said...

There are FIVE gingers here. FIVE gingers and a tabby!