Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh dear!

Kiffer: Seems that we weren't exploited after all. She has just had an email to say that we have been edited out of the program.
Pixie: Ah well. Maybe it's for the best. And she was such a lovely lady, Joanna, don't you think?
Maurice: If you like humans.
Pixie: Erm...... Oh dear..... I think if you read the email it says that they have edited out the interview with Her. They still have us in. Walking. Being ginger.
Kiffer: She's not going to like that. You know what She's like. Just 'cause She hasn't got ginger fur She gets jealous. Big time.
Pixie: Oh dear.
Kiffer: I think the proverbial poo could be about to hit the metaphorical fan.


Lyn said...

Oh dear! that wasn't very nice was it?

The Curious Cat said...

oh no, that is a bit bad! :(

Griffin said...

Wot a Cheek! Who is the feeder of the Gingers? Who knows them best? So the Beeb chucks 'er out. That's very wrong and utterly disgraceful.

Set Rosie on 'em, she'll eat anything!

Jackie Morris said...

I feel I have to step in here and have my say. All this time I have been feeling guilty for shamelessly exploiting my cats to publicize my books and exhibitions. Now the truth is out.
It has long been known that cats manipulate their humans, with their big eyes and their purring, and their elegance and grace. Now I realise that they have been using me and my books and paintings as a tool to achieve fame for themselves.
How stupid can one human be?
Maurice: Very.

Celia Hart said...

Oh dear Jackie! It looks like the Gingers are having the last laugh here!

I sense my studio assistants are tuning in and getting ideas...

The Studio Boss
under the paws of her assistants

Morning's Minion said...

I think you are describing a situation that may be labeled as "co-dependency." I usually know when I am being manipulated [exploited] by my cats--they in turn know that I am aware of it. It seems to be mutally pleasing--a sort of mind game.
I would surely love to have a book coauthored by Jackie and the Gingers!

halloween said...

az long az the chek cleers an evrybudy -- felion or hyoomun -- benefitz, itz all one az fur az i kin see.


ChrisJ said...

My goodness! I can't believe I missed so many installments. Of course the ginger three know you're not exploiting them. They are healthy, cared for and loved, not to mention taken for heavenly walks in an earthly paradise. They have warm fires, soft blankets and all the freedom they want. No more talk of exploitation.
Now manipulation..that's a different story!

Kim said...

I'm so looking forward to this, do you know when it's on? I think they didn't want you upstaging Ms Lumley, so that's why you were edited. Take it as a compliment ;)

Kim x