Friday, August 14, 2009

Wool and dragons and cats

At Middlemill there is a mill, with a stream running past and a big water wheel. Sometimes otters swim by. Inside the mill it smells of wool and at the mill two cats work, keeping mice from eating wool and sitting on the rugs to be sure they are comfortable. Heddle and Bobbin. Both have eyes like dragons.

In the mill the looms hammer and clank and you can watch the weaving and see some of the old machines.

Amongst the wool and the sheepskins and the other beautiful things are now signed copies of Her books for sale. You can order them by email, or by phone and you can see more of the mill at their website.

When She signs books She always draws a little picture too. Each one is different.


Morning's Minion said...

What a lovely setting for the books. Cats enhance most anything and every place.

Jennifer Rose said...

the books look great on that table :) looks like a lovely place to sign books, and the cover is wonderful :D

Anna said...

I came accross your name and when I googled you to learn more; I found this blog!
you live in wales england? what a beautiful place to live!
I Love and collect illustrated childrenbooks and I like to post about you and your art, if that's oké with you?
you have a new fan!
have a nice weekend, Anna

Stacy Hurt said...


I Just sent my inquiry about getting one of your signed copies. Thank you for posting it for us across the pond too!

merlin said...

Love your blog. We used to live in Pembs and visit Druidstone at least once a year for a "fix". A favourite visit is to Middle Mill to check out the wheel, cats and lovely weaving rhythms. I first visited back in 1953! Also to have coffee and delicious cake. I look forward to seeing the book on our next visit. Thank you for letting me enjoy views of the area through your camera and the Ginger Darlings.

Anonymous said...

Dragons and cats - what more can you ask for?

Oh, I must say I always preferred your illustrations of Robin Hobb's Farseer and Magic Ship books. They live :)

AnnaDG said...

We are really excited to have Jackies books at the mill. We also have The Seal Children framed prints in the tearoom where you can read her books, listen to the looms weaving and be lulled by the 100 year old waterwheel turning rhythmically. Our mill cats, Heddle and Bobbin, are fast becoming the main attraction! They usually recline in the mill during the day lapping up all the fuss and are pleased to pose for photographs as Jackie soon discovered!

Judy said...

Your books are a treat to the eye, I have collected three of them including "Tell me a Dragon" and intend to collect as many as I can. The words are beauitiful the pictures beyond all my imaginings.