Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A watersong for a lullaby

When the time came to walk the dogs around the village before sleep the rain had stopped. The wind had gone and all the water had washed away even the cold. No stars, just a sky of dark cloud. All around in the stillness streams babbled a chatter of watersong. Across the fields the sound of the sea's roar was muffled by distance. The waves were dancing up a storm tonight. And over above St Davids an orange cloud like a dragon hung in the night sky.
Then it began. Just a whisper at first, a gentle falling, tapping, the scent of fresh rain, a slow rhythm. It grew and the steady beat gained weight until it drummed down again from the sky, but now we were home again and the glow of light and the warmth of the fire were a welcome and refuge. There will be no hunting tonight.


Marie said...

No hunting is nice, sometimes, kitties...

Griffin said...

"And over above St Davids an orange cloud like a dragon hung in the night sky."

But really, wouldn't that be amazing? An honest to goodness orange sky dragon hovering over St Davids marvelling at how it's all changed since the dragons last flew among humans... the news cameras and mobile phones being pointed at it in wonder that the dragons are come again. Not to do terrible things but to remind us that we are a part of the earth and air and sky...!

Buskitten said...

I hope I can I finally post a message on your blog - having problems signing in!
Just to say your blog is so lovely, a big part of my daily routine! I'm so happy Pixie is better, it was terribly stressful - what a month you had.
Much Love,

Richele said...

The boys and I had such fun reading and looking at your pictures. It inspired us to read A.A. Milne's "Pinkle Purr" for our daily dose of poetry. We hope the hunt has now continued and look forward to checking in.