Wednesday, October 29, 2008


There are times when light seems to shine down on the world from the very clouds and there are other times when it seems that all the light in the world has been sucked up into the darkest, heaviest blackness. At 5pm it began to go very dark. At first the rain came gently like a bat of a paw, but then it was if a great black cat had covered the sky. The rain came down in spears and then in buckets until all the paths outside ran with water. Streams burst up out of the ground and waterfalls tumbled over stone walls from fields. So dark, so loud, roads blocked by walls of water.
Then it stopped. All around the sound of new rivers playing in the dark.


LZ said...

Nature is so amazing. Lovely experience!


Elizabeth said...

What a stunning evocation of the powerful weather.

ChrisJ said...

Do you know how long it is since we have had even a drop of rain? More than six months!! And when you write something so beautiful about rainy weather like this and the next entry too, I'm really home-sick for rain!!! We rapturize (is that a word?) about our gorgeous weather, and it really is gorgeous, its been in the upper seventies and more every day for about two months and nice and cool at night for sleeping....but sometimes I hanker for just a sprinkle or two. Now we will probably have the wettest winter and I will greatly regret those words.

Griffin said...

I love weather like this! So passionately falling upon the earth like a cat upon a mouse (sorry any mice reading this!) and then its as if everything has turned to water and wildness and there is no order any more.

Ahem... leaves me all breathless!