Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pixie and Radio 4

Pixie is outside in the sunshine and fresh air, sitting in a thorn bush watching birds. Soon she will come in and sit by the fire and then this evening will talk to the vet again. She is no worse, perhaps a little better, still not eating. All of the other cats are either sitting in the garden with Pixie or curled up tight in the warmth of Hannah's room.
Meanwhile She has been on Radio 4 and has just had the strange and surreal experience of listening to Herself while She painted. She has always listened to Radio 4 throughout Her working life, and when asked by Laura Parfitt to present and work on a program with her She jumped at the chance, leaving us home alone yet again with only a neighbour to call in and feed us, (all the time thinking that Laura must have the wrong person, but not wanting to disillusion her). She is a cruel woman.
If you want to see the picture She said reminded Her of us, click here. Monkey!


Kim said...

Oh, poor little Pixie, please try to eat and build up your strength.

My poor little cat had cat flu. I was 11 at the time and did my best, sadly it turned into pneumonia, so my Mum had to help. She bullied him to get better and he lived until he was 18! He was fed warm runny food from a spoon and that helped his appetite to return.

Good luck

Kim x

my croft said...

having sufficient energy to go into the sun and dream of birds is a good sign, I think.

congrats on the radio appearance.

Anonymous said...

I have been thinking of Pixie, and am glad that she is doing well. Let's hope for some positive improvement over the next few days.

Cats, you should be more polite to Her. You know that humans are not only in this world to open tins and packets for you, and for you to bite their feet ...

... don't you?

Celia Hart said...

Our studio manager has been painting the bedroom furniture and she said 'I think that was the Gingers' "one who paints" on Radio 4! I'll have to ask her'. She liked the programme very much.

I hope Pixie starts to feel better soon, I'd have to have a very bad headache to stop me eating biscuits!

My Tabby sister still has a painful tail - the boss picked her up to try to look at the wound and Chlo' screamed and screamed and hissed like a snake!

Please eat some food Pixie. It will make you feel better.

The Ginger Studio Assistant

Anonymous said...

The lady who rescued me and my mates feeds us well and polices our commodes. She is very worried about Pixie because she has lost a cat to cat flu. I would be happy to send Pixie and the other Gingers some of my yummy food. I can't resist it and maybe she couldn't either.

Griffin said...

Poor Pixie, I hope she will at least try to take a little soup. I'm sending a little of my strength through the cyberwaves to wrap her around and remind her to 'stiffen up the sinews, summon up the blood, imitate the action of the tiger!'

I'm not sure I would think of monkeys when I think of the three gingers - something by Steinlen maybe... or possibly Louis Wain... maybe even Beatrix Potter!

But then cats can be right monkeys sometimes!!

Anonymous said...

I too am a survivor of the dreaded cat fu.Snotty sneezes, raspy breathing , not hungry at all.We as cats just know when to let our systems heal.Follow your instints dear Pixie.Let the humans help.They love you so.I am 10 year past that bad time and have fathered many kits and had many an adventure, so chin up.You will be fine.

Anonymous said...

So pleased to know that you may be over the worst,Pixie. And congrats, Jackie, on the radio show!
Rusty and Geiger and Sporran (still housebound!)send good vibes to all ,of you.

Griffin said...

Jackie, when I was a curator (long time ago now) we had some of the 'school prints' in the collection. I loved the Paul Nash one of the old lady sitting by the window... with a CAT on her lap!