Thursday, October 2, 2008

While the sun shines

Tonight the wind cat is singing. The sky has been full of birds all day. Clouds are blown far away and stars now replace the birds.

She received a parcel today with cards from The Snow Leopard Trust. They look good. You can buy them from here.
Now we are sleeping, all in a row on the sofa of ginger cats. Glad She is back, but waiting for the fire-lighting of winter. The world here slips towards cold. Leaves fall from the trees. Snipe and curlew already begin to gather and the swallows are gone taking the summer with them.


Griffin said...

Is that Max, singing to the sun? The Wind Cat was singing around us yesterday too and swishing his tail to sweep away the clouds.

You really are quite an amazing artist Jackie. I love those cards... and Snow Leopards. I'll have to get some of those for Crimbo. Unusual for the season and yet so beautiful I don't think anyone's goint to complain that they aren't Christmassy. I love the two heads together.

Kat Mortensen said...

Your work is wonderful! I always see the heritage of the big cats in my four felines. Each is unique, but their movements hark back to their origins.


Marie said...

Yay...Christmas presents :-)