Sunday, July 20, 2008

Twilight walking

At the closing end of every day the sun fades slowly to allow the stars, one by one, to shine their light on the world. On this evening as the sun leaves the sky the air is still enough to hear moth wings in the blackberry flowers, bat flight and the gentle fall of a cat's paw as we walk around the twilight lands.


Anonymous said...

What a lovely site. I wish I knew you. I visited Wales briefly about 12 years ago.

We have two Ginger boys here in the 'burbs of Houston. Our giant boy is a recent tripod cat who is doing well. He is DeSoto; the other is Max.

Congratulations on the recognition for your writing.

Cat B'lu

Griffin said...

The twilight lands... how wonderful and to be there with cats too.

Estorbo said...

You are soch meesterious cads.

I lorf moths. They are sarft an' squooshy.