Thursday, July 10, 2008

Night and the half moon light

The night scents fill the garden. Roses, moths, the path of bats across the sky. The wind is warm and from the west and the half moon shines, bone white, silvering a thin veil of cloud. The short night is for the owls, but soon the hawks will fill the air and raven will tumble the sky in their joyful flight. Over the gorse where now they sleep the linnets will sing, and stone chats will chip away at the day.
Across the fields a distant dog barks lonely.
Elmo sleeps with his head tucked safe between his paws.


Moonroot said...

Glad Elmo got his head back.

Griffin said...

...which proves that while that lot are all gallivanting all over the place... Elmo the smart cat is snoozing. Also, dreaming of chasing things is a lot less exhausting.

I'm also glad Elmo got his head back. Where did he put it?

this is my patch said...

This is such a beautiful piece of writing. x