Saturday, July 19, 2008

Chilling out

Sunshine in the garden and She is too tangled up in dragons to walk so we roll in strange plants in the garden. Hard life. Meanwhile Hannah and her friend Gwen are learning to make films in Fishguard and you can see their film now, here on youtube.
We will have to see if we can persaud Hannah to teach Her to make films, if anyone can peel Her away from Her beloved dragons


Celia Hart said...

Ooooooh! is that cat mint? I found some in her vegetable garden, she called it a weed and when she pulled it up the scent was all magic and made me think I was a tiger! I danced and attacked wild beasties and she laughed and said I had attacked a clump of grass.
I haven't told my brother, the ginger one, about the magic plant - it's my secret!

The tabby studio assistant

Shammickite said...

Message in a Bottle... I like it!
I wish I could find one too.

meemsnyc said...

Oh boy, those flowers must smell wonderful!

Griffin said...

Yes, eating, sleeping, walking and sniffing flowers is a hard life. I'm not surprised She likes dragons tho'... even if they aren't as hard-working as you cats.

Loved Message in a Bottle, very charming little film. If you're very nice to Hannah, maybe she and Gwen will make a film with cats in. Hannah and Elmo especially... seeing as she named him.