Friday, June 29, 2007

How to make a Gingercat

Where did we come from?
Why do we walk so far?
How were we trained?
Sometimes when we walk we meet people and they ask questions for it is strange to see three ginger cats so far from homes and houses, out in the wild lands.
Sometimes She says that She spent years training us to walk.
Sometimes She says that we are a special breed of Welsh walking cats, trained by shepherds in ancient times to do the work dogs do now.
Sometimes She says that we are not real cats but replicants.
Sometimes she talks of St Elvis where the Lady of Many Ginger Cats lives.
But one night, when we were all alone with Her, She told us a story which also might be true.

This is how to make a gingercat.

First find a large pot with a good lid. Then gather together these things

• The sharp edge of a blade, knife, sword or dagger.
• A thimble of salt water from the golden path of the setting sun.
• The shadows between tall stems of grass flowers.
• A clip of the sky at the very edge of the claw moon.
• A small piece of amber, ancient and glowing.
• A flick of flame from a driftwood witch fire.
• The soft breath sound of a whirring moth’s wings.
• A wish spoken once, softly in secret and never ever spoken again.
• Last of all a breath, just one, to bring all to life.

Put all into the pot and stir with the ochre feather fallen from a barn owl’s wing, withershins thrice.
Then bury the pot in the garden under the light of a full moon and wait.
When the night tips over from dark to light dig up the pot and open. Inside should be the smallest of ginger cats.


Leslie Hawes said...

I have been reading and looking at We Three for a short while now. I am enthralled. All number of adjectives come to mind...magical, enchanted, beautiful, captivating. They are all apropos.
Your writing is evocative of another time, another sensibility.
Your photographs are from the skilled eye of a natural artist.
The cats are fully aware of the seriousness of their status in your life, and are truly royal.
What a wonderful adventure you are all having, and thank you from my artists, animal lover heart for sharing it.
Our best,
Leslie and Deuce

Kitikata-san said...

Is that where I came from? My humans wanted to know where I came from. I let them find me in the deep freeze of winter under a frozen bush, and I was already full grown. I have not told them where I came from. I shall direct them to this blog, so they can know how I came to be.

Daisy said...

I think that might really be the correct recipe. Because I think you ginger cats are magical!

I am not magical. I was delivered by a stork.

JT said...

That could be true! The Feeder found me under a deck and I was tiny!

Unknown said...

I just knew that ginger cat that visits my yard came from the big blue pot!! He is such a good cat. He keeps my garden free of mice and stops for a pet or two now and then

Carolina Cats said...

Ohhhh, I see! Mom is always asking where I got my byootiful long wiskers and thick fur. Now I can tell her it was a magical recipe.

Thank you for sharing it.

Yore frend Buddy

Leslie Hawes said...

Have you considered a book of the Ginger Cats? The photos are so beautiful, and the writing is charmed.

Anonymous said...

Wherever ginger cats come from, I'm glad they did! Interesting story...

Forty Paws said...

What a beautiful story!

Luf, Us

Goodtimes said...

So were does Noah and the ark come to play in all this? CATS ROCK!

The Ginger Darlings said...

Noah, too busy making sure that drowning animals could not seek refuge in the apocalyptic flooding brought on by mankind and a god full of wrath, was too busy playing with doves in his spare time to notice the big blue pot brought on to the ark by his wife who knew how quickly mice could breed and had a love of gingercats.

Today we were worried. We heard Her say that She must get some batteries for the cats. Does She mean us.