Friday, June 15, 2007

Storm cat.

She went away for a while. We should have realized something was happening when he went to go and he remembered his dog, but She forgot to get out of his car when She kissed him goodbye. Lady Debs came to look after us and we took her for walks. Before we could even miss Her She managed to find Her way back.

Walking this evening the air was still, but dotted with bird song. Stop for a moment and close your eyes and listen. Around the edges of hearing there is a gentle breathing of the sea. Above the birds talk with an indecipherable musical language. The air smells clean. Then the thunder cat began to roar in the sky and gray cat-clouds gathered with a huge weight of water. The storm cat lashed his tail and roared and ripped at the sky, but the rain fell over other fields as we hurried home.

She brought us back a postcard of a waving treasure cat from a window of a shop.


JT said...

Another trip! She travels a lot. Ernest says that you should see the photo of the waving cat he posted last night.

Daisy said...

I think I can hear the birds! Yes, yes, I can!