Monday, July 2, 2007

Dog gives birth to cats.

In Cambodia a small dog gave birth to a kitten. A forest monk, a holy man, said that the dog fell in love with a tiger, a beautiful, wild and huge ginger cat that roamed the forests.
Maybe the kitten will grow to be huge and wild like Cath Palug.

Here in Pembrokeshire we have a new story.

In Pembrokeshire in Wales a dog has given birth to three ginger cats. The cats are an ancient breed of Welsh Sheepcats bred by farmers for working sheep who are frightened of dogs.
"Sheepcats are very rare," said Jackie Morris. " As more and more farms in Pembrokeshire have been turned into holiday cottages demand for Sheepcats has dropped to a level where they have become an endangered species and it is years since a dog has given birth to three. They are notoriously difficult to train as they are easily distracted by rodents and butterflies, and so farmers in modern times favor using dogs. "


JT said...

Elmo! What a cute photo! Maybe Bella really is his mother?

Daisy said...

What a wonderful story! I am not sure if the first story is true, but the second story must be true. Sheepcats are very very special.

Leslie Hawes said...

That is too funny, and clever, J. As one possessed of a border collie, I appreciate that he will be getting some help, albeit, 'rare' help.

Anonymous said...


Carolina Cats said...

Sheepcats! Is that why my fur is so thik and fluffy on my tummy? I am furry proud to be part of such an illustrious group of cats.