Thursday, July 19, 2007


The day was full of butterflies. I could hear the gentle thrum of their wings as they searched for sweetness in the flowers. I could feel the push of the air under their wings as it brushed against my whiskers.

The sky carried clouds and I could smell the salt rain as they passed over, high above, to drop their rain somewhere other than here. The sun shone on my fur. It was warm. The fields are patchworked with haymaking. The sky is patchworked with birdsong.

All around the wild hillside is patterned with the deep purple of sweet heather. My shadow follows me.


Daisy said...

I like to watch butterflies. But they are hard to catch. You are going to be very surprised by this coincidence, but my Shadow follows me, too!

Paula Bowles said...

Hello again!
I'm intrigued.. do you 3 follow the humans around on long walks, or do you troop off on your own adventures and the humans follow you ??

Mousie x

The Ginger Darlings said...

We like to go with Her to make sure that She does not get lost. Elmo is not so very good at this as he is easily distracted by mice and small squeaks.
But sometimes She climbs into the car and takes the dogs away and they come back with their feet covered in sand and smelling of the sea.
She always seems to find Her way back though sometimes it takes a few days.

Paula Bowles said...

ahhh, it must be quite a responsibilty looking after the family of humans!

I think the dogs must go to the seaside... full of wonderful things. Ask them if there are rockpools there, you would like them. Plenty of small fishies, shrimp and crabs to fish out! Not to mention seagulls to chase!