Tuesday, July 31, 2007


It is night time, dark and quiet. Tonight, like every night, before we settle to sleep and dream we walk around the small village where we live. We walk always clockwise as withershins might bring bad luck.
And tonight the sky is bleached of stars by the bright glory of the bone white full moon.
Moonshadows are long. They follow our footsteps. All is quiet, just the barest whisper of the sea on the distant sand. No wind. Not a breath. Moonlight paints the leaves with silver. At night all cats are gray but on a night such as this we shine with the latent light of the setting sun and glow a pale fire colour held in our fur.
Mice chatter in the bushes and ruins of houses where people once lived. Careless mice. Moths brush past our whiskers, just a sigh of movement, pursued by the winged ones of night, the bats.
You can almost hear the few bright stars that still shine through the moonlight.
Soon there will be shooting stars. Soon it will be August, and we will sit in the garden at night and watch the stars fall from the heavens, as they do every year.
The night belongs to us.
And still we wish for wings.


Leanne said...

Oh what a wonderful post!

I have always wanted to be a cat, even more now. My own 5 cats go out on their nocturnal missions, and I would love to be able to go along, just once!


The Cat Realm said...

How marvelous - that made us wish we wouldn't be locked in at night. And those nights when we rebel and don't come home - yes, this reminded us of those!

Libbys Blog said...

I never know what my two get up to at night! When they are in the house they are never far away, but at night they vanish into a world of their own!!!

Monty Q. Kat said...

I watch over my BabyBean at night and sing. MomBean isn't too keen on my singing, though.

Moonroot said...

Dear Ginger Darlings, I think you are quite perfect without wings. This was another gorgeous post.
I have taken the liberty of tagging you for a meme - details are at my blog (http://moonroot.blogspot.com)