Monday, April 16, 2007

Walking with the black dog.

Today we walked with Ffion and her black dog who was scared and would not walk past us. Ffion is very small and drives a boat, and she takes bats for walks. Pixie slept in her jumper when she was a kitten. The black dog likes to carry sticks. It was cold on top of the hill and the wind blew our ears flat to our heads.
Yesterday we saw some cats on a website. They live inside and don't go out and were all dressed up. We hope She does not get any ideas. To cover up our ginger glory with clothes would be wrong. We need to shine in the sun. The cats in clothes had big ears that would blow very flat in the wind if they could walk with us, except they would probably wear hats.

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dragonladych said...

She takes bats for walks? Wow, now I am intrigued. I've had to take care fo many bats in my life but I've never taken them on walks?