Friday, April 6, 2007


I have forgiven Her for not liking my gift of a lizard and am helping Her in Her studio.

What is this here? It looks like paint.

And over here? She does not keep it very tidy.

And this painting looks much better with my tail curled around it.


Anonymous said...

We've been looking for 2 days for some sort of extension for my worktable. Last night we went to 7 different stores looking for a 48" long by 30" deep table or something of the sort. Found nothing. All we saw were only 24" deep.

As soon as I saw your work table I knew what I needed.
So today we're going looking for a used something on which to put a pine board.

The Ginger Darlings said...

Pleased to have helped. She got her trestles from Habitat or Ikea, and moves her tables around. Her paintings look much better now I have checked to see that She has done them properly.
It is warm and sunny in Her studio. The sun shines through big windows. The rest of the house is old and dark. And sometimes lizards walk across the living room floor.