Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Not ginger, but dreaming.

Urban cat dreaming of walking the wild hills after reading The Ginger Darlings. Squeek lives with Louise Arnold and helps her to write books.
She hunts worms ( Squeek, not Louise, though you ever can tell with these literary types. We once met one who lay on the floor pretending to be a cane toad for months.) She lays in wait for children going to school then pounces and flips open the lid of a lunch box, and runs down the street trailing pepperami. Queen of the streets with her leaf green eyes, she is beautiful, sometimes. And sometimes she is fierce and snarling. And sometimes a wise child will hand over the pepperami without the chase, but she, like we, prefers to hunt.

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Griffin said...

As every smart cat knows... the paw is quicker than the eye! Still, to open a lunch box and leggit at speed is a skill not to be sniffed at. Unlike pepperami which is definitely to be sniffed.