Friday, April 6, 2007


She had been saying that She had not seen a lizard for a long time. When I climbed through the catflap I called for Her to come and see. It is difficult to miaow with your mouth full.
She did not seem pleased but shouted at me. "Out", She screamed, pointing at the door. That is not the same as "Thank you" but I think she was overwhelmed with delight. The lizard dangled limp from my mouth, like a curious tongue with legs. She said it did not look attractive and it was not clever, but I would like to see Her try and catch a lizard. I dropped it and it scuttled away and She seemed happier now and I was relieved. They do not taste good and it did tickle. In future She can catch Her own lizards. There is no pleasing some women.


Ms J. said...

still enjoying reading your daily posts. What camera are you photographed with by the way? Gingerly beautiful feline coats, the keen artistic eye of the photographer and the magic of a great camera, it all makes a nice combination, doesn't it?

Jackie Morris said...

My camera is not a brilliant one, bought mostly so that I can photograph my work. It s an Olympus Digital C750 Ultra Zoom. Am thinking of getting something better to do justice to the beauty of the Gingers. Am a bit worried about them calling me "She". When I was a child my mother would sy that "She was something the cat dragged in". But then maybe they are right!

Griffin said...

Surely something three cats and a dog dragged in? Still, better they drag in a whole illustrator and writer than a lizard. Or even half a lizard!

As a Leo and therefore a cat... was your mum the proverbial 'cat's mother'? I think your three gingers would be happy with that. And there are worse things than being 'dragged in' by a cat.

Something the aardvark dragged in is not quite the same.