Thursday, April 19, 2007

Something is happening......

......and we are getting worried. A man came round this evening and she showed him where our food is. She has a big bag, good for sitting in, and She is putting clothes into it and muttering things about having nothing to wear and italy. She should grow ginger fur. Then She would not have to worry about clothes. We hope the man does not eat all of our food.

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Unknown said...


The way you wrote the last three entries has me smiling whilst sitting at my computer. Thank you.

We have a cat which seems to have taken up residence under our outdoor table on the patio behind the house. I saw him/her yesterday and put some ground meat and some canned shrimp out. She/he ate the meat but left the shrimp. Have you ever heard of a cat who doesn't like fish? Seems very picky to me but then what do I know, I'm a human.