Monday, March 26, 2007

Evening light, the sun, the moon and shadows.

In the evening the sun sank into clouds. The light was soft, a haze spread across the fields and the sea. Everything was soft and a chill nibbled at the edges of the day. We watched from the top of a high place as the sun sizzled into the sea, and now we wait for the new sun to rise tomorrow.

The moon rides the sky now. Bone white and bright, it throws its moon shadows across the land. The white light of night that calls the colour out of our coats even in the middle of the night. And in the dark we watch also, and wait.


dragonladych said...

O_O what an amazing photo! Seems to come straight out of a Robin Hobb book! Two feline silhouettes in the twilight.

The Ginger Darlings said...

I think that one of the reasons I love the Robin Hobb books, apart from the brilliant writing, is because we live in a place of castles and sea, islands and wildness.
Which reminds me, I am half way through The Golden Fool, and I must get off this computer and read. The Ginger Darlings are asleep, Pixie especially tired after a vertical decent from the high rocks.

dragonladych said...

Oh lucky you, you are reading the books for the first time! I read them last year and I am more than hooked!
I kind of envy you that you get to do the new covers, but mostly I am happy for you, we don't know each other but I know how fabulous it must be to work on these books, all I can do since I read them is plan new illustrations around these books!

If you are halfway through Golden Fool you know why I made that comment! But I don't want to give you any spoilers! That's what I love so much about your blog, the way your cats "talk" reminds me of Nighteyes. I like living in Switzerland (I was born here) but I spend all my holidays in the UK. South Wales is so beautiful, I've been there twice.

The Ginger Darlings said...

I love these books so. I saved the last three for as long as I could, because when I have read them there will be no more to read. Now I am hampered by lack of time, too much painting and cats, who will keep sitting on the books, or just getting between me and the words as only cats and small children can.