Friday, March 9, 2007

When She is away

Where does She go? When we go in the car She puts us in a basket and She takes us to the vet and we do not like it. Does She go to the vet? Where does She drive? Why? This time She was away for two sunsets and the woman who lives close came and fed us. When She came back we curled around her legs and were happy but we said that we had had no food for days. And it was cold. There was no fire and no dogs and no one to stroke us or chase us away when we caught mice. And we had to take ourselves out for walks. Why does She leave us? Are we not enough?
Now She is back and She has brought the smelly dogs with Her and if She was at the vets for all that time She looks very well, but is tired and sleeps like a cat curled up. And it is warm again because She has made a fire. So we caught Her a mouse, to say welcome back. But She did not seem pleased.

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