Wednesday, March 14, 2007


On top of the hill we tripped through silver spider threads . The sun was warm and we held it safe in our golden fur. There were butterflies, and noisy birds in the sky. She was not well so we all sat on Her to keep Her warmer still, and covered Her like a ginger blanket.
On the way down the hill we tumbled over each other and pounced and fought, like wildcats.


Mideas said...

I think you need to make a book out of this eventually.

You cats write with such grace.

Sus in Spokane

Ms J. said...

If you do, make it a picture book!

Jackie Morris said...

As the cat's agent I am now trying to get them a book deal. Difficult to negotiate for them as they do not understand the concept of money, and I would like to get a new camera out of the advance so that I can do their ginger gorgeousness justice!
Fingers and tails crossed.